Data, network & cybersecurity consultation for your clinic

AU $500 | 90 minutes all-inclusive | be secure, be empowered.

A comprehensive Network, Data Compliance, and Cybersecurity Review and Consultation for your CAM clinic involves a thorough examination of the organization's network infrastructure, data handling practices, and cybersecurity measures. The process includes identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities in the network architecture, assessing compliance with relevant data protection regulations, and evaluating the overall cybersecurity posture. This entails a detailed examination of data classification and handling procedures, implementing secure data storage and encryption practices, and reviewing privacy policies. The consultation further covers cybersecurity fundamentals, employee training, incident response planning, and the evaluation of communication tools for secure collaboration. Recommendations for third-party risk management, software updates, and compliance audits are provided to fortify the business against cyber threats. The ultimate goal is to tailor a comprehensive strategy that enhances the small business's network resilience, ensures data compliance, and strengthens cybersecurity defenses.

Cover topics such as:

  • Thorough examination of your clinic network infrastructure

  • Assessment of data handling practices

  • Evaluation of cybersecurity measures

  • Identification and addressing of network vulnerabilities

  • Compliance review with relevant data protection regulations

  • Detailed examination of data classification and handling procedures

  • Review of privacy policies for clarity and completeness

  • Evaluation of communication tools for secure collaboration

You will then receive a detailed report that includes:

  • An incident response plan

  • Recommendations for third-party risk management

  • Suggestions for conducting regular compliance audits

  • A tailored comprehensive strategy for network resilience, data compliance, and cybersecurity defenses.

  • Suggestions for secure data storage and encryption practices

  • Guidance on timely software updates and patch management

Your free data compliance checklist

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