The types of data you are collecting

There are different types of data you are collecting and they have different levels of security requirements.

Skye Hazelton

10/9/20231 min read

1. Personal Data

Personal Data is information that can identify someone.

Includes: name, signature, address, phone number, DOB, employment information, images, IP address, voice recognition, facial recognition, location (GPS) tracking

Does not include business phone numbers, culture, gender or occupation.

2. Sensitive Data

This is a subset of personal data that includes information about a person's beliefs, association memberships, health information, opinions, sexual orientation, and criminal records.

NB: this requires a higher level of security than personal data.

3. Health Data

As a CAM practitioner, the data you collect about your client constitutes, under the Privacy Act 1988, as Health Information.

Health Data is a type of Sensitive Data. Includes: information about health of a person at any time.

NB: Health data has higher sensitivity than personal information. That means it requires higher security levels.

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