Your responsibilities as a CAM practitioner.

Knowing the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and how it applied to you.

Skye Hazelton

1/10/20241 min read

As a CAM practitioner this means:

1. You must have consent before collecting information from your clients.

2. You must make it clear why you are collecting it.

3. You must disclose how you will be storing it.

4. You must make it clear how you are protecting it.

5. You must make it clear if there are any third parties that may access it.

5. You must have a transparent and easily accessed Privacy Policy outlining the above.

6. You must obtain consent if you want to use their details for marketing (eg newsletters or updates)

Here are the OAIC details.

OAIC guide on how to handle health information.

Your free data compliance checklist: here

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